Splat Man

An Ongoing Story

Splat Man is a comical comic, and I intend it to be as laced with innuendos as possible! While maintaining the existance of a line that must not be crossed. A line I suppose I suit to myself. So Splat Man is based off of many factors.Mainly superheroes but I try to keep my style as original as possible without becoming too much like any other comic book character. I have messed with doodles of this character for years and When I was younger the movie Mystery Men had me drawing little comics and showing my mum and dad for hem to say "Aww, how cute!" Then I was gonna see Kickass but never got around to it. Eventually I stumbled upon some comics on the web like Questionable Content and Treading Ground (Should look up if you don't know them) and figured I might as well try to reinvent my childhood doodles for the world to see! The concept is not terribly original but I hope you get a kick out of it. Oh yes, Splat Man the invincible idiot and B. Boy, his super-smart sidekick... Together they face the perils of the city, Criminals, Prostitutes and super-villains.